Rise•UP Eten cover
Rise•UP Eten cover

Tea tent

Just like at previous festivals, we have a tea tent where coffee, tea and various organic delicacies are offered. And where you can relax intimately at the unplugged performances of the artists who played in the main hall the night before.

The tea tent is a place to get together during the festival, we are open all day and if it is nice we will continue until the early hours. We have organic coffee and capuchinos with oat milk, but also fresh kefir, kombucha, tonic herbs and cocoa elixirs. At the tea tent there is room for improvisation in the program and musicians and DJs come down at unexpected moments, we make it super cozy, very relaxed and delicious this summer!!

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Festival Location

Icon Locatie Icon Locatie Kasteel De Berckt, De Berckt 1
5991 PD Baarlo 
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